How to Add Stage to Mugen - Video tutorial Included

In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to add characters to your mugen game. It is very easy, which means anyone can do it.
  1. First you need to download mugen here (in case you don't have it already) and extract everything from the zip folder.
  2. Now open up your Mugen folder. It should have the following sub-folders - Sound, Data, Stage, char etc.
  3. Now download a mugen stage. For this exemple lets download Planet Namek Stage
  4. Inside the mugen folder, look for the data sub-folder and find the select.def file.
  5. Open it up with notepad.
  6. There are two ways to add stage files to your mugen game. A stage can be assigned to each character or to the section labeled [ExtraStages].
  7. To add a stage to your character look for [Characters] in the select.def
  8. The stage kfm_stage.def is assigned to the character ken in this exemple here:
    ken, stages/kfm_stage.def .
  9. [ExtraStages] is where stages not assigned to a specific character can be placed in order to be selected in the versus modes. These do not require a character name to precede the code.
  10. Go to the folder containing your stages's info. Open it up and find the .def file. Right click and select rename. Do not actually rename it. Instead,highlight the current name and copy-paste after the character name ken,stages/kfm_stage.def replacing the bold text or below the [ExtraStages].
  11. Save the file and start your mugen game. The stage you have just added should be ready to be selected.
If you are a visual type guy, watch this video with the step by step guide to install stages to your mugen engine. Thanks and have fun with the best fighting game ever!

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