Marvel vs. Capcom - Eternity of Heroes

MVC - eternity of heroes
Author: Infinitymugenteam
Game: Marvel vs. Capcom EOH
Mugen Version: Winmugen
Download: Marvel vs. Vapcom - EOH

Characters available marvel vs. capcom - eternity of heroes

Adon by Iron Fist
Akuma by Vyn
Amingo by Kong
Anakaris by Kong
Arthur by Acey & Sludge
Baby Commando by Junior Blader, Acey & The Anvil
Balrog by Scar
Banshee by Acey & KillaCroc
Bass by ChAoTiC
Beast by Acey
Blackheart by Kong
Blanka by Acey
Cable by Kong
Cammy by Alchemist
Captain America by Acey
Captain Commando by RedHot
Captain Marvel by Acey & eSkRo
Captain Mar-Vell by Acey & Iron Fist
Charlie by RedHot
Colossus by Kong
Crashman by Laspacho & Excursion
Cutman by Excursion
Cyclops by RedHot
Dan by Scar
Deadpool by The Unlimited
Dee Jay by Scar
Donovan by Kong
Dr. Doom by Kong
Evil Ryu by Vyn
Firebrand by Acey & The Great Matsutzu
Galactus by Excursion
Gambit by RedHot
Gill by Kong
Green Goblin by Acey
Guile by RedHot
Haggar by Acey
Hayato by Vyn
Hulk by Kong & Acey
Huitzil by Jedah12
Hulk 2099 by Acey
Human Torch by Acey & x-boy
Hydron by Trasgo7
Ibuki by Kong
IceMan (Capcom) by Excursion
Iceman (Marvel) by Kong
Ironman by Kong
Jedah by Kong
Jill by Sludge
Jon Talbain by Sabaki
Juggernaut by Acey
Ken by Scar
Kenji by Sabaki
Lilith by Sludge
Lou by Laspacho, The Anvil & Trasgo7
M. Bison by Kong
Magneto by Kong
Marrow by Sludge
Megaman by ChAoTiC
Metalman by Laspacho & Excursion
Morrigan by EMW
Morph by The Anvil & Acey
Mr. Fantastic by ZVitor
Ms. Marvel by Ultraroboninja & ZVitor
Omega Red by Kong
Oro by Kong
Poison by Span, Riccochet, Dampir & Acey
Protoman by ChAoTiC
Psylocke by Sabaki
Punisher by aPoCaLyPsE , Wucash & Excursion
Rockman by Kong
Rogue by Kong
Rolento by Acey
Roll by Kong
Ryu by Scar
Sabretooth by Sludge
Sagat by Scar
Sakura by Alchemist
Sean by Scar
Sentinel by Kong
Sentry by Acey
Servbot by Kong
ShumaGorath by Sludge
Silver Samurai by Kong
Silver Surfer by Acey & x-boy
SonSon by Kong
Spider-man by Sludge
Spiral by Kong
Storm by Kong
Strider by Kong
Symbiote Onslaught by Excursion
T.Hawk by Scar
Thanos by Kong
The Thing by Warner
Tron Bonne by Kong
Venom by Sludge
Violent Ken by Scar
War Machine by Kong
Wolvenom by Dark Talbain & Sabaki
Wolverine by The Anvil, Acey
Wolverine Bone Claw by Vyn
Wonderman by JasonTodd , Daraku & ZVitor
Zangief by One Winged Angel

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Anonymous said...

cool how do i download this?

Anonymous said...

awesome game guys try it out

Anonymous said...

how to dowload it

mugen said...

Go to the download page and click the link at the end of that page.

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