Spiderman - ZVitor

Author: Zvitor
Game: Marvel vs Capcom
Mugen Version: Winmugen / Mugen 1.0+
Download: Spiderman

Spiderman movelist

- Dodge: Ability to avoid projectiles
- Dive Kick: Strong kick from the air
- Spider Uppercut: Strong punch
- Spider Slide: Sliding knockdown kick
- Web Throw: Shoots a webline for a throw attack
- Web Bullets: Quick firing projectile attack. Hold button for multiple shots
- Web Pull: Use of the webbing for grabs and throws
- Web Swing: Special movement with the web, sometimes allowing an attack
- Web Fist: Creates a webbed boxing glove for a stronger punch
- Sling Shot: Web helps for a stronger kick. Hold the button down for more tension and damage
- Spider Sense: Slows down enemy attacks
- Web Refill: Fills his webbing back up when emptied
- One for J.J.: Strong hyper attack that takes pictures for the Daily Bugle
- Ultimate Web Throw: Stronger web throw attack
*Hypers to use when out of web or in Spider Sense mode*
- Maximum Spider: Strong multiple kick attack
- Spider Assault: Rush attack with multiple punches

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