Shades of Manhattan 2 - Seanalty

Shades of Manhattan 2
Author: Seanalty
Game/Series: Original Game
Mugen Version: Winmugen / Mugen 1.0+
Download: Shades of Manhattan

DESCRIPTION - Shades of Manhattan 2 is an original M.U.G.E.N game developed by Seanalty with original characters. -18 unique characters, plus 6 EX characters, bringing the total to 24 playable characters -20 Stages, including a bonus stage from SHADEs 1 -All the standard Mugen modes, Team, Co-op, Survival, Watch, etc. -All the characters have unique endings with individual themes -Includes music by CVSNB, NemesisTheory, Midimachine, Muse, and more -Comes with a "manual," in it's own folder

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