Rogue - Acey

Author: Acey
Game: X-men vs Street Fighter
Mugen Version: Winmugen / Mugen 1.0+
Download: Rogue

DESCRIPTION - This Rogue can steal the moves of dozens of characteres. The list is as follow: Arthur Bass Bastion Batman Beast Birdy Bishop Blanka Cable Captain America Charlie Colossus Cyclops Deadpool Emma Frost Flash Gambit Ghost Rider Guile Haggar Human Torch Iceman Juggernaut Ken Magneto Megaman Mister Fantastic Mystique Namor Nightcrawler Omega Red Parasite Professor X Psylocke Quicksilver Rogue Roll Ryu Sabretooth Sentry Spiderman Storm Strong Guy Superman The Thing Thor Venom Wolverine WonderWoman Zangief

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