Son Goku - Wolf_Stak

Son Goku - Wolf_Stak

Description - This Son Goku created by Wolf_Stak for Mugen 1.1 only is considered by some as the best Goku developed for Mugen. He can transform and has great combos and gameplay. Here are the instructions on how to get him to work.

  1. Extract the character.
  2. Download Mugen 1.1 4gb Patch, into your main mugen directory
  3. Patch your game to 4GB of Memory clicking on the Patch you have just downloaded. Mugen is a 32bit game, which means it has a 2GB Memory (RAM) usage limit. If it goes over, it crashes and will usually give a "error loading p1" error box. The 4GB patch allows you to bypass that and have a 4GB limit, which prevent the game from crashing due to memory limitations, and should allow Goku to load.
  4. Place WN-Goku[0.9b] into YOUR "Chars" folder
  5. Add Goku to your select.def, and then run the game. Test him out in Training Mode, it may take a while to load as he has over 2700 sprites. So don't panic if its a black screen for a bit. He should load after a couple seconds.
Character: Son Goku
Author: Wolf_Stak
Game / Series: Dragon Ball Z
Mugen Version: Mugen 1.1
Download: Link
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